Monday, May 4, 2009


Yes, go ahead ,but hurry up. These were the last words I said to my cousin and the last time I would ever see him alive again. Why didn’t I just say no, why the three letter word yes? As a child I always strived to hear the word yes. When you get a right answer on a trivia game they tend to holler yesssss! Now that I write this paper, and trigger my thoughts. I can think of a million ways the word yes, could implement positive results. I thought saying no was negative, but then again there is the slogan Just Say No To Drugs. Then there is Nike whose slogan is , Just Do It. Another way of saying yes. Breathe Malcolm channel your thoughts and quit blabbering. In my scenario, I just said Yes. I was on my way to a party on a Friday night. School was finally over. No more test, no more studying, and ultimately in my sake, no more High School. All of my class mates were throwing a huge party to celebrate the end of this journey. We talked about the party all week, so the anticipation was killing me. I picked up my younger cousin, well he was only two years younger than me, but at that age every month counted. On the way we listened to all our favorite songs and imagined we were already on the dance floor. It was officially summer and time to celebrate. On our way to the party we decided to stop by my friend Gary’s house where everyone gathered before big parties, his parents were never home. It was still early and we could not arrive at a party sober right. This was Gary’s motto and I believe we all practiced it. We passed around beers, wine coolers, and shots. Hay we were graduating, so what if were not 21, we were out in the real world now. I t was around 10 o clock and we didn’t want to get to the party at twelve, but before we went to the party we all needed to freshen up. We could not go to a party where adults would be smelling like alcohol. Tonight was different, usually Gary would have a bowl of peppermint for us or limes, but neither tonight and everybody needed gum. As we all sat there and debated who would run to the store and get it, my younger cousin who didn’t have a license was amped at the chance of driving. I’ll go,” I’ve had less to drink than the rest of yall”, he said. “No No No, not for you to run my car into a ditch “ I replied. “Come on Malcolm, im coming right back.”. “Yes, go ahead, but hurry up.” Fifteen minutes later I received a phone call from my mother frantic and hollering, wanting to know if I was ok. I was so confused of course I was. The police just called us and told us you were in a car accident and had died she said. I was really confused by this point, “ huh what im fine”. “ Where is the car Malcolm, they read the license plate and all.” I dropped the phone and stood in silence, my younger cousin would never make it to the party. Now I think twice about the word yes.