Monday, April 20, 2009

Anger got the best of me and I believed I enjoyed it.

Anger is a word that in my opinion has no definition. Anger has no certain set of rules on how to resolve the emotion. It comes at you like a thief in the night, you never know when he will strike, but you can never stop Anger. As I sit with my eyes closed and visualize the one moment when anger controlled me mentally or physically, I hesitate. The memories pass my closed eye lids like a jack pot machine in Las Vegas. Caching Caching JACKPOT. My mind has rested on the one moment where anger was welcomed into my mental capacity.
This story began on labor day week end on the year of 2007. Me and five of my colleagues were headed to Miami for the holiday and I could not wait to pack my bags and head out the door. The excitement of going to Miami blinded me of the small details I probably should have paid attention to. The bigger picture was all that matter, I was going to reside in Miami for 4 days and I could only imagine the festivities that would take place. My friend Terrence planned the trip for everyone, so all we had to do was follow his lead and learn as we go. He booked the room, transportation and even planned some of the events we would attend. This made the trip even better, for I did not have to concentrate on small details all I had to do is show up with my percentage of the money and get ready to party. We arrived at the hotel downtown Miami as planned. The room was beautiful a little more costlier than I had planned, but just what I expected. The location was wonderful and I was ready to began my vacation. I placed my bags in the room and noticed there was not enough towels in the room. I told my vacation partners I would run down and get some, besides I wanted to look around. As I waited at the front desk I over heard the woman confirming her price of her room with the service clerk. This is when the curiosity that later progressed into anger began. The woman ahead of me had an exact replica of our room for 200 dollars less. I pondered before I spoke, but before I knew it I interjected and joined the conversation. The questions began. It was then the first phase of anger appeared, when I realized I had been lied to and bamboozled out of fifty dollars. I immediately informed my other colleagues except for Terrence , threw text messaging. We all secretly planned our confrontation and hoped for the best. Well at least they did, I have and always was the aggressive type. We all came to an conclusion to meet with him the next day about the issue to give him time to correct this error, hoping it was a mistake. Through the course of the day we all acted blinded about the situation and even threw in comments to make him confirm the price of the room. Comments such as “I’m so glad we got this room it was a great price” , or my favorite “Did you get an employee discount, because me and the woman next door was talking about how cheap the rates are here.” Terrence had no idea and continued his lie, so we played the game.
Well we awoke the next morning and again secretly text messaged and decided it was time for confrontation. I being the ring leader wasted no time. “So Terrence, How much did the room cost again? “Six seventy eight”, he replied. “Oh ok, so why is that the woman next door has the exact replica of our room for over two hundred dollars less? “. “Uhh Uhh, I added money to help pay for gas and why are you going behind me anyway.” The anger in me ran threw my veins and took over my body , I felt like I was the only person in the room and knew this would not end pretty. For the fact he was already beginning to become defensive. The other roommates waited for me to respond, “ Terrence this is what you are going to do, your going to go downstairs to the ATM and get me my money and we will go on as if this never happened, everyone else’s money is their issue.” Terrence replied, “ I will get you your money when we get home I’m not using that ATM it charges an extra fee. The anger is visible by this point. “ No your not leaving this room unless your going to get my mon…” Before I could even finish the word money he walked towards the door aggressively and , my only instinct was to attack. The anger used my body to inflict how I felt. I slammed him to the grown and repeatedly struck him with my fist. We wrestled as our friends looked in shocked. He reached for his keys which I knew had mace on it. I took the bottle of rubbing alcohol and slammed it into his face, completely disabling his vision. The alcohol ran down his face and covered my hands as I struck him in his face. My friends stopped the fight. He ran to the lobby to call the police. I packed my clothes fast and left the scene for the fear of a criminal record. Anger got the best of me and I believed I enjoyed it.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Commentary: 'Post-racial' America isn't here yet REFLECTION

The op ed clearly stimulates and re energizes questions that already existed in my mind. These questions were created when the first black president was elected into office. Will the world change? Has the world already changed? Is this just a symbol of what the futures hold? The title stimulates you from the beginning. Commentary: 'Post-racial' America isn't here yet
Many people have created this immediate reaction after the presidential election, thinking that race was not longer an issue. Unfortunately we do not have a microwave society. We can not get everything we want right when we want it. As the editorial states blacks and whites are progressing from two different mind states. If we could only get on the same level, then maybe the progression would take place faster.
This op ed educates the everyday reader on what is going on in today’s society dealing with race. He analyzes the issues the average person in America recognizes, but fails to articulate. The author avoids from being heavy handed, but I can hear his opinion slightly in the article. Or in other words his personality.

Should This HBCU Be Saved? Reflection

Should this HBCU BE SAVED? After hearing the title your mind races, wondering what HBCU. This editorial stimulates the mind from the first sentence. The editorial illustrates the financial issues that have arisen all over the nation at historically black colleges. There is one in particular that rises above all financial problems. Morris Brown a HBCU based in Atlanta, Georgia. This college has been ridiculed lately for it’s rocket high water bill that can not get paid. The article educates the reader on the last minute schemes and fund raising to eliminate the water bill.
This topic really grabs the audience, which in my case are students whoa are currently enrolled in a HBCU. It made me question my current finances at my institution. Where is my pell grant being applied, will the water ever get discontinued on my campus. The writer does a great job of just stating the facts and allowing the reader to make up their own mind about the institution. It’s hard to identify whether the author is pro shutting the university down or con.
This op ed really helps me, a college student put a face on the economic crisis. I mean hay, isn’t this the same school they filmed Drum line on. A very popular movie and now your telling me there broke. It just does not make sense to me. If they can easily reach a financial crisis who’s to say little ole Claflin University in Orangeburg, S.C couldn’t be next.