Thursday, April 2, 2009

Commentary: 'Post-racial' America isn't here yet REFLECTION

The op ed clearly stimulates and re energizes questions that already existed in my mind. These questions were created when the first black president was elected into office. Will the world change? Has the world already changed? Is this just a symbol of what the futures hold? The title stimulates you from the beginning. Commentary: 'Post-racial' America isn't here yet
Many people have created this immediate reaction after the presidential election, thinking that race was not longer an issue. Unfortunately we do not have a microwave society. We can not get everything we want right when we want it. As the editorial states blacks and whites are progressing from two different mind states. If we could only get on the same level, then maybe the progression would take place faster.
This op ed educates the everyday reader on what is going on in today’s society dealing with race. He analyzes the issues the average person in America recognizes, but fails to articulate. The author avoids from being heavy handed, but I can hear his opinion slightly in the article. Or in other words his personality.

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